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The Return of the Star Wars Radio Drama!

Hello Everyone! Coming to you from the news desk of the OTR USA Radio Network studios. Returning next month to Old Time Radio USA is the Star Wars Radio Drama. Those of you who have been listening to Old Time Radio USA for a while, know that I resurrect this every April. It will become part of my regular Friday Night lineup radio shows airing at 11pm ET. For a total of 29 weeks, this will take us into Fall in just about 2 weeks before Halloween and all the annual marathons associated with that time of year. The scheduling of these radio drama are as follows.

Star Wars - 13 weeks

The Empire Strikes Back - 10 weeks

Return of the Jedi - 6 weeks

Star Wars: The Radio Dramas returns Friday April 10th at 11pm ET on the home of great old time radio anywhere on the internet........ Old Time Radio USA!

I'll be looking for you on the radio!

Barry Slinker

OTR USA Radio Network

Station Owner

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